Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Marble Rocks - Bheraghat at Jabalpur

The gorge in River Narmada at Marble Rocks known as Bheraghat in Hindi  highlights the elemental beauty and panoramic magnificence of holy river.  The gorge through which Narmada passes through is a picturesque marvel of rocks of marble etched with amazing hues of stunning colors.   

Boat Ride at Bhedaghat

The best way to experience the magnificence of  the Gorge in River Narmada as Capt. Forsyth called it is the boat ride. The boat moves at a leisurely  pace between the steep mountains of colored marble. This is the best way to enjoy and absorb the panoramic splendor, serene and at places turbid river and the amazing landscape.

Moon Lit Romance

During full moon, boating at Marble Rocks is a romantic experience as beams of  moonlight lands on rocks and sparkle on the river surface. As the oars hit the surface, splashes of cool waters fall on you and make you shiver in delight.  All through the ride on the gorge, shadows of looming mountains chase you asunder, but you wish for more and more....

Dhuandhar Falls

At Dhuandhar Fall, Narmada tumbles down with a huge force through the gaps and crevices in the rocky surface - this is the beginning of Marble Rocks. A fine spray of cool water are constantly  thrown up as the river tumbles down. Like a curtain of mist the fine sprays surround the whole place hence the name.  Dhuan means smoke in Hindi and Dhar means a fall.

The marble wonder is about thirteen kilometers from Jabalpur Town in MP and can be reached easily by road. There are many hotels in Jabalpur that organize trips to Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls. Another interesting place in Jabalpur worth a visit is Chausath Yogini Temple Complex which is very near to Bheraghat.

During monsoon rains the place is closed down and hardly any sign of the water fall is there as the river submerges in the flood.