Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kerala: Cool and hospitable

In confines of true tropical greenery resides a state  -  Kerala one of the most popular holiday destination in India. The state possess proudly, lush greenery of dense tropical forests, azure blue of large stretch of backwater network and refreshing serene beaches on its impressive coast line. In addition holiday makers experience the warmth of Malayali hospitality, colorful culture, bizarre rites and  rituals. Come to taste the  gastronomic delights of Malayali chefs who specialize in mouth watering coastal cuisine. 

For an enthusiastic traveler ready to divulge in exotic adventurous journeys, Kerala is a unique place on Earth. Kerala enthralls the visitor, be it a cruise on backwaters, quiet walk on the beach or exciting heart throbbing safari in Periyar Tiger Reserve. 

The state has much more to offer. On tour visit the palaces, forts, temples and churches.  Marvel at South Indian architecture, influenced at places by foreigners who set foot as trader of spices.  Arabs, British, French, Portuguese all arrived lured by the tongue tingling exotic spices and left an indelible colorful marks.

Kerala excels in fine art be it Kathakali theatrical performance, vocal recitals, Carnatic instrumental or  classical film songs.  Remarkable the ritual arts of temples in praise of the holy deities and magnificent murals  are not to be missed. 

Partake in colorful fairs and festivities to experience in depth the cultural intrigue of the state. Interact with diverse array of humanity - simple, warm and enthusiastic hosts. Kerala is a never ending journey of delight. 

Best way to travel in Kerala is on tour operator affordable package tours. Travel bookings, accommodation and transport is all taken care of by the organizers. Customized tour package will offer you a choice of prime destinations. 

 The state is well connected by rail network and road transportation. Number of flights ply between metros and many other towns. English is quite popular all weather journey is exciting especially if you enjoy the monsoon rains.

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