Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time to Celebrate

Come October Festivities begin in India. This is when the torrid monsoon ends and fair, sunny weather is in plenty full. The series of Hindu festivals fetch lot of joy and inundate the ambiance with myriads of mind boggling colors. Ganesh Chaturthi in praise of Lord Ganesha lasts for 9 days, after some days it is followed by nine days of Navratri in praise of Maa Durga at times in personification as Goddess Kali. Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated with greater pomp and gaiety in Maharashtra State of India.  

Nothing express better than empowerment of women except the Hindu Scriptures and Epics. At places women in India are exploited that is a different matter - simple lack of understanding and archaic beliefs.          

Navratri is immediately followed by Dusherra or VijiyaDashmi on the tenth day when idols of Durga are immersed in sacred waters. Dusherra marks the victory of good over evil. Large Idols of Ravana, the tyrant ruler of Lanka and his associates are burnt using crackers all over India.  This festival is celebrated with greater fervor in Bengal a State of India. 

This is then followed by 4/5 Day Diwali Festival of Lights. The lights dazzle throughout the night and crackers are aflame. The subtle clay lamps accord grace and serenity to the explosive atmosphere.  Diyas as they are called in Hindi are epitome of divine light of overpowering of darkness. The main festival Badi Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama, Sita & brother Laxman  from 14 years of exile back to his Kingdom Ayodhya. This after a thundering victory of evil Ravana  who kidnapped Sita wife of Ram.

Food and sweets galore, gratification of hunger is essential to all religious festivals the sweeter the better.