Sunday, August 28, 2016

Magnificence & Simplicity - Both are Awe Inspiring

Around the World in Eighty Dollars!

Nandita Amin - Vadodara

As I was snooping through wide array of images in her albums (facebook) there emerged a peripatetic wanderer, foodie, animal/nature lover and lens woman amazing.

Through her travels,Nandita Amin enraptures with the unfolding saga of her travels, with an eye for bringing out the essence of the objects through her images. Wanderlust is for adventurers, explorers and the brave with an eye for hidden mysteries and the unseen. Travel is not just leisure, it is an opportunity to experience, to learn and enrich life as well lived.

For many, the images offer opportunity to experience life outside one's domain without the hassles of travel formalities and what not...right within the cool corridors of one's house ensconced in comfort and ease.          

During travels: Some of her images...................  

Baobab Avenue - Madagascar

Bengali Sweet


Blue Fronted Redstart - Uttrabchal


Cooking Stove

Shekhawati Haveli Courtyard

Ancient Gate Navalgarh 

Iran - Persian Architecture

Navalgarh Haveli

Rajasthan Haveli

Highway - Delhi - Haryana

Tehran from Air




Kuber Temple of Narmada


Male Tiger - Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Delhi Sky


Tree Shrew


Irani Lady

Mustrad Fields Gujarat