Sunday, September 23, 2007

India travel basics

When traveling in India the following tips will come useful for inbound tourists from all over the globe.

Make your reservations in advance. Seek a good travel agent and go ahead. Fix your itinerary in and deliver to the travel agency for quick booking of accommodation in hotels and wildlife resorts and rail or air reservations and of course the ubiquitous taxi for road travel where ever required.

If you are planning for a temple and tiger tour which would include both historical monuments like “Taj Mahal” and tiger safari for Indian wildlife then find a travel agent online who specializes in eco tourism. These online travel agencies offer both tours in one package.

When you arrive in India take these precautions…

Drink only mineral water from trusted companies like Bisleri, Pepsi and Kinley…there are many more.

Eat fresh hot food at clean restaurants and totally avoid road side joints. You can safely consume fruits with cover. Try a hot tandoori in chicken or other curry dishes if you can stand it for it is going to tickle your palate like nothing else. India is an abundance of gastronomic delights so do not be surprised if you get addicted to Indian food.

The safest beverage is tea which is brewed at high temperature. India chai tea is unique drink and is available everywhere in wide range of flavor and taste which is unique to the regions in India. You get ample supply of tea in Indian railway to keep your spirits full of cheer during a long journey. Do not forget to drink ginger tea if you are a tea lover or that masala chai of which it is a part.

Keep cash at hand when you travel to interior where banking facilities may be limited. The urban localities have an advance infrastructure so traveling is not difficult at all if you have made your bookings in advance.

Keep tag on weather and the climate of the places you wish to travel to for this vast land has varied climate and somewhere you will need warm cloths to fight of freezing cold and other places might be warm and humid.

English is quite popular in India and Indians understand sign language very well, but learning bits and pieces of local dialect especially Hindi is going to make your trip more enjoyable. Keep medicine for any medical emergencies if you are traveling to rural areas of Indian jungles since modern medication might not be available there.

Above all stay in high spirits and enjoy either the ruggedness of economy class or luxury of traveling in amazing India premium package. You can travel on budget or travel in the luxurious five star class if you are rich.

For student and adults with a spirit of service and sacrifice, travel volunteer is the best option to experience India from close at grass root level. There are many Indian ngo or non profit organizations that offer volunteer opportunity and internship. India is a growing economy with multitudes of problems and complexities where in you can take part for the betterment of the country and its people.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

India Travel Information

I have added important information web sites for India tour which I am sure those interested in traveling in India will find it very helpful.

The websites I have linked are for online travel bookings and information. Most of the sites are Indian government travel resource websites for providing authenticated guide and resource to India travel.

The links are useful help to make one's India trip a success. There are links to travel information and directory of Indian states that are popular travel destinations. Please do submit your suggestions and comments.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Travels in India.

There are many facets to traveling in India. All depends upon how, where and when you go. India changes every square mile, the seasons change fast and the ethnic and cultural diversity changes at every nook and corner.

If you are interested in a historical tour of India than your destination is routed through Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan, for the Taj Mahal, Delhi Fort and Kutab Minar. In Rajasthan, Udaipur and Jaipur offer many historical monuments notably the forts of the Rajput rulers.

Madhya Pradesh or Central India offers many historical destinations of which the Khajuraho Temples are the best known and tourists throng in large number to visit the Kama Sutra on temple walls.

For ecotourism  Madhya Pradesh offers amazing Indian wildlife including the best places to see the Indian tiger. Namely Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench Tiger Reserves. The bird life is amazing as well here and one can study around 250 plus bird species.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

India Travel Blog

The Indian subcontinent is a unique land on earth from tiger to Taj Mahal from ancient to ultra modern. India is a paradox and no one knows better than one who travels to India. India tour in itself is a unique experience.

The traveler experiences diversity like no where on the earth. He relishes the changing landscape, the culture and various hues and colors of diverse ethnicity along its vast expanse of the sea of humanity. No wonder India is one of the most populated regions of the globe.
India is divided into states which have a language and culture of their own. Most of the Indian states are created on linguistic basis although Hindi and English are accepted to a greater extent all over India.

The followers of Hinduism constitute more than eighty percent of population followed by Islam and other religions like Sikhism and Christianity. Being the world's largest democracy it plays a major role in shaping the world's political dimensions as democracy is the most populist and ideal way of governance of a state.

Not only Taj Mahal India itself is a wonder that enthralls every tourist that makes a visit. The leading Indian tour operators have learned to sell destinations that offer insight into different aspects of Indian life. India offers fantastic wildlife to see and ancient historical monuments that are spread far and wide across the Nation.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Travel to India

Those who love India travel learn about India much in advance. The amazing diversity of Indian subcontinent becomes apparent when one travels to rural surroundings from urban area like New Delhi.

The capital of India offers wider landscape of modern cars, wide roads, skyscrapers and modern jets. It is on the path to compete with the best metropolis in the world. When one enters the suburban and rural landscape, India changes miraculously.

It is a bizarre mix of modern cars on highways and rustic thatched huts and the ubiquitous bullock carts. In the villages in interior the scenario is centuries old of society halted in progress and standing still since ages.
India is growing at a rapid pace and still preserves its age old customs, rites and rituals and the traditional way of life.