Saturday, February 27, 2016

Himalayas A Poem

Like a silver lining in the clouds
Silent sentinels with shining tops
A glittering range of snow clad mountains
The scars of upheaval a spectacle astounding

A barren land of  profound delight
Beaming bright in the golden light
A gateway to heaven the abode of Gods
For millions a pinnacle where Shiva lords

From the depth of Tethys a wall incredible
Arose the highest and the most invincible
A startling emergence of Earthly crust
To lofty heights the Himalayas thrust

A geological formation massive as defined
Collision of land masses stratified
The movement tectonic a crash  inevitable
Eons past a timescale unimaginable

A cluster of icy glens and glaciers
An uninhabitable terrain of towering peaks
Source of rivers that flow asunder
To nurture the foothills and the plains down under
Himalayan region a zoo geographic magnificence
Wonder of the World the Everest insurmountable
Ever rising and indomitable
For the mountaineers a dream ascent

Himalayas a massive wall all snow white
Magical mystical mountain reaching yonder the blue sky
Like an apparition on the horizon
A no man's land an infinite spectacle

Poem By  Uday Patel

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Snake Charmer

A short emaciated man
Dappered in a white loin cloth
A bulging headgear he adorns
The snake charmer is a sight forlorn
With baskets slung over the shoulders
Full of deadly snakes to play
He makes a living the risky way
He squats besides a busy road
Seeking audience for his show
With a flute in his bare hands
Placed in between his quavering lips
He plays it with his fingertips
As he blows the flute begins to sing
To the right to the left the organ sways
Out pops the deadly snake the cobra
From a basket of twigs and hay
In wild frenzy he gyrates
With the magnificent hood fully inflate
To the left and to the right
Up and down hissing as he sways wild
The charmers eyes fixed on the reptile
The deadly fangs ready to strike
The onlookers begin to gather
Starry eyed and mesmerized
From a distance they enjoy
The spectacle that goes on and on
Finally the act comes to a stop
The snake gets milk as reward
And slithers back to his ward
Then the coins begin to land
Onto the snake charmer's waiting hands
A days job done well
The charmer bids farewell

Taj Mahal - A Poem

Taj Mahal - John Mathai
A saga of regal love enshrined
In annals of history eternally ascribed
A romantic interlude of passionate kind
Of a king and queen beloved entwined
King of a land besieged Shah Jehan
Of beauty and grace Queen Mumtaz Mahal

Taj Mahal at Agra an edifice memorable
Made of marble a cenotaph parable
The mausoleum a magnificent splendor
That enraptures all in awe and wonder

The wonder of the world Taj Mahal
A masterpiece absolutely symmetrical
Stands lone on the river bank Yamuna
A fascinating sight and setting  ethereal

The marvel white it glows in moon light
It is a dazzling spectacle of extreme delight
From all over the globe tourists arrive
To fulfill their dream and extol

The work of art incomparable
Intricate carving and aesthetics admirable
Studded with lapis lazuli and gems precious
A monument for one most adorable

By - Uday Patel

Friday, February 5, 2016

Indian Wedding Procession

A motley crowd a joyous occasion
A wedding procession on the go
Men and women in state of trance
Entangled in a chaotic dance
To the tune of the deafening sound
Loud and raucous a roadside merry go round
Fireworks sky rocket and crackers blast
A spectacle on the street marches past

On the road betwixt heavy traffic
A fashion parade live in public
Men women teen in a revelry unseen
Women in colorful sarees and lehangas
Decked full in gold and glittering jewels
Men in suits and kurti pajamas
Drunk brimful the friends of groom
Jubilant and wild the rowdy boys

The groom on the horse back
Suited booted decked up to the heel
Adorning a turban with flowery veil
Shy and lovelorn a glum figure indeed
He sits hunched a ride unbearable
A hero for the day but uncomfortable
Indian Wedding : Neeraj Vegad

Round and round the procession goes
As it circumambulates the wedding venue
Be it day or night for long the tamasha continues
The celebration keeps all on toes

Crescendo rises as the venue nears
Waiting in expectation the bride in tears

By Uday Patel 

It is my effort to describe India through poems for travelers and would be travelers.