Monday, February 8, 2016

The Snake Charmer

A short emaciated man
Dappered in a white loin cloth
A bulging headgear he adorns
The snake charmer is a sight forlorn
With baskets slung over the shoulders
Full of deadly snakes to play
He makes a living the risky way
He squats besides a busy road
Seeking audience for his show
With a flute in his bare hands
Placed in between his quavering lips
He plays it with his fingertips
As he blows the flute begins to sing
To the right to the left the organ sways
Out pops the deadly snake the cobra
From a basket of twigs and hay
In wild frenzy he gyrates
With the magnificent hood fully inflate
To the left and to the right
Up and down hissing as he sways wild
The charmers eyes fixed on the reptile
The deadly fangs ready to strike
The onlookers begin to gather
Starry eyed and mesmerized
From a distance they enjoy
The spectacle that goes on and on
Finally the act comes to a stop
The snake gets milk as reward
And slithers back to his ward
Then the coins begin to land
Onto the snake charmer's waiting hands
A days job done well
The charmer bids farewell
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