Thursday, July 26, 2018

Khajuraho Temples - Of Treatise on Stone

Twenty Five Temples now exist in the Temple Town Khajuraho in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. A popular tourist destination visited from all over the Globe. 

Khajuraho Through The lens of Romantic Novel based in India

Salvation is the ultimate goal of humans especially those professing Oriental religions that originated in India.  The ultimate deliverance is through Karmic deeds that are supposed to be based on following the path of truth, sacrifice and piety.  

Khajuraho Temples

Religiosity is central to achieving salvation and eventually to escape the frequent torturous cycle of life, death and rebirth.  

Khajuraha Carvings  

The path to salvation does not have any mandatory manifestations and it is not necessary to relinquish Worldly pleasures or satiation of our sensory apparatus. This is why treatise like Vatsyayana’s   Kama Sutra came into being and became so popular. 

Temples of Khajuraho 

In the romantic novel A Passionaate Gospel of True Love this is what Moh Lal Rai discovers.  Right at the doorsteps of famous Khajuraho Temples Moh is surprised to see intense erotic sculptures on the outer walls.

Built by the Chandela Rajput Kings in between 9th to 11th century they were not lascivious representation of physical attributes of humans. Sexual gratification, true love and emotional attachments were pathway to achieve a fulfilled life and for the soul to come at rest. 

Physical gratification is never tarnished in the image of ancient people as being lascivious, lewd or lecherous.           

Perhaps this was the intent of Goddess Maa Durga through the premonition to guide Moh Lal Rai to Khajuraho Temples. She was in India to fulfill her destiny a coming together of true lovers as prophesied during the fashion show at Las Vegas in USA.

In meeting her destined lover Gaurang a number of questions had arisen especially with the relationship as both were already tied in a conjugal bond with others. The guidance was a journey of discovery as she found out the concept of all absorbing love between true lovers or split halves. 

The treatise of Kama Sutra is not limited to aspect of physical love it goes much deeper and is soulful manifestation of an aspect of life which is often shunned as being sinful by the unaware. This could be termed as the higher purpose of Khajuraho Temples in connect with the Kama Sutra Treatise.   

A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is a manifestation of liberal thoughts that justifies relationship beyond the norms as we have come to understand. The orthodox injunctions towards love and romance are age old. It is this romantic saga that dares to explore the unconventional through the truth hidden in our sacred texts and treatise.