Saturday, September 8, 2018

Destination Pench Tiger Reserve

Wildlife viewing in India is exciting with many tiger reserves and National Parks hosting the tiger and other enchanting animals. Most of the tourists arrive here to see the tiger in the wild. But let me tell there are many other enchanting animals and birds that should be the focus of the tourists as well.  
wild boar - John Matthai

Well this article refers to Pench Tiger Reserve

Long time back a vagrant child called Mowgli was lost in the Jungle probably deserted by his parents. Some say they were killed by the tiger....well anybody's guess.  The child was adopted by Akela the leader of the wolf pack in the Seoni Hills in Central India. He was introduced to the pack and soon became part of it. The story by Rudyard Kipling called "Jungle Book" narrates the antics of the wolf child and about the jungle life of Seoni Hills now called Pench Tiger Reserve. 

Bengal Tiger - Clive
Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh or Central India is now a popular tiger safari destination. The characters of Jungle Book come to life whence you visit the park. Mowgli the wolf child is no more but many Mowglis can be encountered in the villages near the forests. Kaa, Akela, Baloo, Sher Khan, bandar log all can be seen on a jungle safari in the tiger reserve.   

Eagle - Clive
The pristine forests of Pench are most enchanting with awe inspiring unspoiled landscape. The River Pench snakes through dense jungles according life as a support system to all the life forms. The vivid and diverse profile supports amazing habitat for innumerable flora and fauna. The impressive biodiversity has been preserved for eternity as it is a protected area with an inviolate core.   

The reserve is biodiversity hub and a conservation unit with the focus on the big cat. Nevertheless all life form are conserved because of strict protection and protected area status.      

The tourism is organised by the forest department of MP and a permit can be availed for excursion or tiger safari in the core area of the reserve. Safaris are conducted in the day and evening on jeeps as on foot excursions are not allowed. The reserve is closed during the monsoon period from July to September but safaris in the buffer area are allowed.      
Pench Jungle Home
There are many resorts which provide luxury stay in the buffer area of Pench National Park. The closest access is from Nagpur Airport at a distance of eighty kilometres while Jabalpur Airport is at a distance of four hours. The tiger reserve is connected by five hours drive with Kanha National Park in Central India.  

Friday, September 7, 2018

Ardhnareshwar - A Passionaate Goddess of True Love

Ardhnareshwar or half female and half male is a human representation in Indian mythology prominent figurative speech in Hinduism.  The representation is of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti combined into one to form Ardhnareshwar. This also refers to split half in language of romance as mentioned in the book - A Passionaate Goddess of True Love.  

Moh Lal Rai is of firm belief that her find or her true love Gaurang whom she comes across in Chennai is her split half as Shiva and Shakti were. The personification of male and female unison of two is in realty one human being with aspect of both male and female. Biological we are created as male and female but in truth it is the same biology that governs us all. The differentiation arises for the task of procreation where in minor changes facilitate two figures to give birth to a new human being for propagation of the species.   This androgynous form finds mention in Greek myths as well as in Puranic literature of India. 

Perhaps this places men and women in equal footing in the minds of misogynists those who delve in supremacy of the male form.  

In the romantic novel Poonam Uppal the Indian Author based in India justifies Moh's affiliation with Gaurang on principles base on the Ardhnareshwar concept. This composite form of male and female split down the middle speaks if genetic compatibility and hence further justifies inseparability of split halves as we find in the narration of A Passionaate Gospel of True Love. 

Lord Shiva and Parvati are inseparable and the author describes them as perfect couple. This made of each other couple also relates to a destined relationship and the body and mind is always in search of its other half. The unison in such cases exhibits high degree of compatibility and harmonious existence. That is why it is said the marriages are made in heaven.    

Author Poonam Uppal 
In the romantic novel the book writer Author Poonam Uppal mentions split halves and soul mate concept much prevalent amongst the true lovers. This also delivers an esoteric twist to the romantic interlude between Moh and Guarang. The popular book writer has born and bred in India is a devout Hindu. She is an ardent devotee of Goddess Maa Durga the consort of Shiva. She now lives in USA with her family.