Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Traveling in India


Does one need some expertise to travel long distances in this amazingly diverse country. There is uncertainty and surprise on every nook and corner and more pot holes than there are cars on the road. This is the state of India's travel infrastructure as well and (hic!) the heat and the dust. Uncertainty defines travel in India where inefficiencies are almost a certainty. Travel delays - missed bookings - strikes - riots - bombs - rallies - whatnot.

I do not think there ever has been a traveler who has not raised his or her eyebrows at things around. In moment of trouble the more experienced travelers spit on the pathway with local flavor and disdain, then get back to their traveling business non nonchalantly.


At every length and breadth of the country there is an inquisitive Indian preening into your affairs - beyond his means. The beggars harass, cows rule the roads and mangy curs reign over the alleys. Learn from the abusively incestuous and pedantic Indian who walks through the chaotic side walks negotiating tactfully the large bulk of humanity heading menacingly straight towards him...and dogs, cows, beggars and murderous pot holes.

Indian Bazaars

Experience the hustle and bustle of torturous urbanity acerbated by the loud raucous music blaring loud speakers and rattling vehicles and their HORNS! Shoo away the touts and English speaking tourist guides. Learn to inhale acrid smog laden air and the odor of open toilets and sewers. Eat at the ubiquitous dhabas, the epitome of Indian cuisine and then tackle the crippling Delhi belly.

India is amazing

In midst of chaos and consternation there is splendor and magnificence. In betwixt modern monoliths there are ancient marvels in marble and stone. Relish the site and smells of ancient esoteric India, read eras of history sketched on the walls. Admire the exquisite carvings and depictions that tell of India's rich past.

Mingle with the ethnic communities, rejoice in local color and flavors. India is a land of colorful festivities and warm hospitality. It is the land of spices and gastronomical delights that come as a savory surprise - hot and spicy. Land of peace, innocence and charming faces. A land where Budha preached, where Mahatma was born and where religion and traditional beliefs govern the masses.

India is the land of the majestic tiger, imposing mammals, mystic reptiles and colorful birds. It is the land of Himalayan mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, grasslands and enchanting valleys. It is the land of amazing biodiversity and enchanting scape. It is the land of beauty and grace.

India delights...Amazing India.

The best way to travel is on a India package tours that are tailor made. The customized tours offer you a chance to visit destinations of your choice.You can get all the required details from the package tour operator. The best operators should be able to guide you well.  

The best sightseeing option is traveling to less popular destinations that are unique. India exists in villages which are a must visit in your itinerary. Find all about tourism infrastructure and accommodation from your tour operator. In packaged tours all your travel arrangement are made in advance by the operator.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Traveling to Madhya Pradesh

Central India - Madhya Pradesh

Central India has always been a tourist attraction because of its natural beauty, wildlife and historic monuments and ancient temples.

Ujjain is a religious center for Hindus in the Malwa region. The river Kshipra runs through east of the town. Kumbh Mela Hindu religious festival is held here every twelve years. It is also the abode of Shiva as the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga a shrine of Lord Shiva is situated here.

Ujjain is well connected with Indore by road and rail. Indore has an airport with flights from Delhi, Mumbai abd other major cities.

Sanchi is located in Raisen district and is a pilgrimage center of the Buddhists. the famous Sanchi Stupas are relics of Buddhism first commissioned by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd Century BCE. The Stupas are World Heritage site.

Sanchi is accessible by road and rail with Bhopal which is 46 kilometers away. Bhopal is well connected by rail network and air flights. It is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. The third World Heritage site to be declared UNESCO is the rock shelters at Bhimbetika which is near Bhopal.

Orchha on the Betwa river is situated in the district of Tikamgarh in MP. Orchha has many cenotaphs, ancient forts and temples of Hindu architecture .

Marble Rocks and Duandhar Falls is a gorge in the river Narmada situated at Jabalpur. The river runs through rocks of marbles of various colors and hues in the process creating scenic and splendorous wonder. Other places of interest at Jabalpur are Madan Mahal the ancient fort of Raj Gond Dynasty built by Madan Shah the husband of Gond Queen Rani Durgavati.

Pachmarhi the queen of Hill stations, and Indian Tiger Reserves Kanha, Bandhavgarh. Panna and Pench are accessible from Jabalpur which is a major railhead and an Airport. Other wildlife destinations are the Chambal river sanctuary, Shivpuri National Park, Bori Sanctuary near Pachmarhi and Satpura National Park.

The most famous destination in Madhya Pradesh is the Khajuraho Temples situated in Chhatarpur district is World famous and tourists from all over the globe. No wonder it is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temples date back to 10 to 11th Century AD.

Other places of architectural, cultural, and religious significance are Amarkantak near Jabalpur, Bhopal, Chanderi, Chitrakuta, Gwalior, Maheshwar, Mandleshwar, Mandu, Omkareshwar and Sonagiri.