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Jabalpur City in Madhya Pradesh India
23.1815° N, 79.9864° E Coordinates

The 26th largest city in India is by no means small, with a population of two million it swells around overflowing the rim. Surrounded on all sides by verdant mountains, it is picturesque and quaint. Well known since the Raj, the British loved it for its greenery and cool climate. Access to the summer capital Pachmarhi and the tiger reserves was an attractive proposition as well.    

Inundated  by River Narmada, the holiest, the town is much a center of religious activities with most of the rites and rituals being conducted on its stepped embankments at Gwarighat and Lametaghat. 

Jabalpur has number of satellite towns, and the hub is called Mahakaushal. Rich in arts, culture and traditions, the destination is also referred as Sanskardhani - meaning place with rich culture and ethos.

Situated in the center of the country in the State of Madhya Pradesh, it provides an important conduit to many tourist destinations. The town is well known for this, but it also contains defense manufacturing industries, telecom, HQs of major public concerns and forest based industries which to some extent have declined.     

Nevertheless, the erstwhile garrison town is well connected by railways and a vast road network. Flights connect New Delhi and Mumbai and towns within the route. More flights are being planned.

The city is an important education center with RDVV, Veterinary and Medical Universities. Large number of technical colleges impart high degree of education not forgetting recently established IITD.  

State of art medical facilities invite people from Mahakaushal Region for treatment. A large number of hospitals of all disciplines run by experts service the people.  

Chousath Yogini

Dhuandhar Falls



Boating at Marble Rocks
Above Images by Neeraj Vegad
Madan Mahal Outpost

Jabalpur City

The nearby picnic points are an added attraction. Most popular is the Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls followed by Chousath Yogini, Madan Mahal, Dumna Nature Reserve, Khandari Reservoir and Pariyat Reservoir. 

Trade and business constitute major revenue generation arms apart from the public sector units. The city is also becoming hub of IT & private manufacturing industries. 

Nearby regions excel in agricultural production, and food processing opportunities are in plenty.  Self sufficient in many sectors, the destination has bright prospects for investors and settlers alike. 

The City is a major recreational center with a number of restaurants, fast food chains, local eateries, big luxury hotels of star rating, malls, theaters, shopping plazas and local markets. Clubs, coffee shops, dhabas, bars, pubs abound within the city limits. 

Jabalpur is popular among tourists visiting nearby destinations for holidays. The cool climate, green surroundings and serene getaways welcome one and all.