Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Hermit


Long flowing beard grayed with time
Deep sunken eyes set on a countenance of grime
A lean figure mysterious and mystical
The hermit elusive, revered, of inclination divine

Scant white robe tattered and torn
On a bronze body mellowed and worn
A withered look on a personae forlorn
Peripatetic always on the go, a wanderer

A life lived in solitude and devotion
Single minded obsession of attaining salvation
With no worldly possession and no earthly desires
The hermit dwells in remote forests in caves     

Spends ages in penance and spiritual pursuit
Always meditating and in oneness with truth
To attain enlightenment the final quest
The holy man on pilgrimage endless

At peace with oneself and worldly wise
The hermit preaches and is full of advise
The sermons and prayers for the pious in tow
Learned of scriptures an itinerant with know

A soul of simple means no wealth no creed
On meager doles and offering he feeds
Bare essentials are all that he needs
The hermit is a saintly character indeed

Poem By Uday Patel 
Photo Credit: Neeraj Vegad