Saturday, December 25, 2010

North India Travel

Traveling is one way of experiencing India well only way perhaps. My recent travel along North Corridor for birding was a delightful experience. The trip starts at New Delhi and goes long like a maze. The birding circuit often covers Corbett Tiger Reserve, Sat Tal, Pangot, Chambal River Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and adjoining places of birding interest. Agra of course Taj & Fateh Pur Sikri & Red Fort + Lunch.   

India has an impressive list of birds and it is a sheer delight to see them. The bird heavens are still in preserved state. But we may loose some until unless we care for our wilderness both in towns and hill resorts. 

As tour escort at service for people from far and wide, I love to see our beloved country through scope of others. The colors and flavors of India touch one and all. The diversity amazes visitors the amazing pot pourri and a mixed basket of throbbing life. The food is delicious! "Why serve us continental food we prefer Indian gastronomic delights?" "Please lot of Masala!" "Tandoori Aha!"

No wonder India is Incredible by all means augmented by our warmth, hospitality and love.  But then India is also a chaos of traffic jams, road blocks, bumps, loud speakers, rude drivers, dirt, filth and loo on the roads.  The sewage, nullahs and roadside reek of thousand tons of caramelized shit! Yeek!  As much as India amazes the disgust on the negative is apparent. Though politely  set aside there are sometimes remarks.

My answers

"A large number of people. You know!"

What else! Just see the swanky New Delhi International Airport ....can't we change our country for much better this way. Can't some of us handle waste number of places the Use Me container lies vacant with rubbish all around. Sometimes it is over filled with no service to dispatch it. One can go on. Yes most of us are doing our bit perhaps doing more and more is for better. 

Anyway I still recollect the colors of rural India some very clean villages and lush green fields. The visitors  appreciate and are intrigued with life so different from modern India. 

"Look there are so many people in bazaars, but every one is working!"
"Look so many people on trains, buses, rickshaws!"..Click, click, click.     
"An Indian Wedding?" "Oh Yes!" Click click click..
"A religious procession?" "Oh Yes!" Click click click
"Children going to school everywhere. Great!" 

The is stunning ...the long stretch of ghostly white Himalayas on way up to Pangot at Naini Tal District.     

Birding in India is thrilling and so is Indian Wildlife. Hence an extension to Kanha National Park in MP. Another experience the chaos and turbulence of crowd on Railway Stations. The confusing movement of trains across many platforms. Our very own Great Indian Railway a transportation wonder that moves India. From the impoverished settlements of Industrial towns the scape leads to beautiful surrounds of rural India and some stunning landscapes. The first AC coach offers lot of comfort not withstanding the toilet.    

The extension benefits the Indian package tour operator but onus lies on me to track the tiger. Nevertheless we see one in spite of bad weather. Another stunning masterpiece of nature the charismatic tiger! In absolute rapture!

"It is India wildlife tour next"! Shout my guests filled up to the brim with the magical appearance of the tiger.  

Incredible India! Yes lets make it better and better!