Friday, February 5, 2016

Indian Wedding Procession

A motley crowd a joyous occasion
A wedding procession on the go
Men and women in state of trance
Entangled in a chaotic dance
To the tune of the deafening sound
Loud and raucous a roadside merry go round
Fireworks sky rocket and crackers blast
A spectacle on the street marches past

On the road betwixt heavy traffic
A fashion parade live in public
Men women teen in a revelry unseen
Women in colorful sarees and lehangas
Decked full in gold and glittering jewels
Men in suits and kurti pajamas
Drunk brimful the friends of groom
Jubilant and wild the rowdy boys

The groom on the horse back
Suited booted decked up to the heel
Adorning a turban with flowery veil
Shy and lovelorn a glum figure indeed
He sits hunched a ride unbearable
A hero for the day but uncomfortable
Indian Wedding : Neeraj Vegad

Round and round the procession goes
As it circumambulates the wedding venue
Be it day or night for long the tamasha continues
The celebration keeps all on toes

Crescendo rises as the venue nears
Waiting in expectation the bride in tears

By Uday Patel 

It is my effort to describe India through poems for travelers and would be travelers. 

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