Thursday, January 21, 2016

Khajuraho: Magic in Stone

For centuries hidden in remote confines
Unknown to the World the marvels lost in time  
The temples lay desolate and untended
Many in crumbling ruins some desecrated
Discovered by chance a heritage was excavated
A treasure worthy an artistic delight most appreciated     

Descendants of Moon God the Chandelas
Mighty rulers the Rajputs of Bundela
The creators bold the dynasty personified 
Magic in stone the carvings as described
A magnificent creation of the art inclined
Sensuous forms of damsels divine
Of nymphs celestial & beasts intertwined
Of erotica in imagery the taboo eulogized  

The ancient temples of Khajuraho
An esoteric narrative of royal creation
On stones interlocked to perfection
In sculptures depicting sensual recreation
The impressive objects of art and veneration

Of divinity and Kama essential
An eternal truth existential
Reveal Tantrik sex in the treatise
Of procreation through pleasure one derives
With the chisel and the knife
The angelic figures have come to life

 Poem Copy Right Uday Patel
Photo Credit: Nandita Amin

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