Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Indian Rail - A Travelers Poem

It is a carrier of the masses

For the rich poor and middle classes

Travel in luxury or third class

If without reservation

Board the crowded general coach

Get crushed and trampled

And travel with reproach

The Indian Rail is a long line of cars

Shackled with one other and always at war

Often blue sometimes red and green

A dreary spectacle without any sheen

The sleeper coach has fans for comfort

A seat big enough for you to sleep

AC coach is with climate control

Offers bit of ambiance and is secure

For luxury lighten your wallet

It is for those living in chalets

The sleeper is affordable

Sometimes cramped and chaotic

Basic in comfort but bearable

As the train moves along

Din and chaos it carries along

A big metal object that's the way it is bound to be

Frequently stops at railway stations

Sometimes stops for long without hesitation

Unscheduled break journeys augur frustration

On platforms busy with frantic travelers

some somber some revelers

Late often but reaches its destination

Keeps its promise as a transportation

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