Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Romantic Indian Train Journey

It is a journey through the hinterlands
It is a magical treat of panoramic excellence
A romantic passage of days and nights
An unforgettable experience that stirs the mind
Every remembrance will draw a sigh
As nostalgia grasps one on the high

As Indian Train chugs along
Through the diverse furlong
On the rails with iron wheels
A blissful thrill is what one feels

Tooting horn all the way
The mighty engine does not sway
It keeps to ground and hugs the rail
Completes the journey without fail

As Indian Train chugs along
Through the breezy wind with aplomb
A kaleidoscope of vivid colors unfold
At sunrise and sunset from blue to gold
Keep your breath on the hold and fix your eyes on the fold

It is an exotic visual delight
It extols the nature's  creative might
Of hills desert and rivers serene
The rail journey is colorful indeed

See the towering Himalayas rise
A lofty abode of sages wise
Feel the flow of mighty Ganges on the train
Through the upheaval of tortured plains
Along the banks with holy cities
Past green fields and hamlets busy
Through the rolling meadows and forests green
Marvelous scapes on the journey seen
A rail journey is not only a visual delight
It garners lots of spiritual insights
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