Saturday, February 27, 2016

Himalayas A Poem

Like a silver lining in the clouds
Silent sentinels with shining tops
A glittering range of snow clad mountains
The scars of upheaval a spectacle astounding

A barren land of  profound delight
Beaming bright in the golden light
A gateway to heaven the abode of Gods
For millions a pinnacle where Shiva lords

From the depth of Tethys a wall incredible
Arose the highest and the most invincible
A startling emergence of Earthly crust
To lofty heights the Himalayas thrust

A geological formation massive as defined
Collision of land masses stratified
The movement tectonic a crash  inevitable
Eons past a timescale unimaginable

A cluster of icy glens and glaciers
An uninhabitable terrain of towering peaks
Source of rivers that flow asunder
To nurture the foothills and the plains down under
Himalayan region a zoo geographic magnificence
Wonder of the World the Everest insurmountable
Ever rising and indomitable
For the mountaineers a dream ascent

Himalayas a massive wall all snow white
Magical mystical mountain reaching yonder the blue sky
Like an apparition on the horizon
A no man's land an infinite spectacle

Poem By  Uday Patel

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