Saturday, September 8, 2007

India Travel Blog

The Indian subcontinent is a unique land on earth from tiger to Taj Mahal from ancient to ultra modern. India is a paradox and no one knows better than one who travels to India. India tour in itself is a unique experience.

The traveler experiences diversity like no where on the earth. He relishes the changing landscape, the culture and various hues and colors of diverse ethnicity along its vast expanse of the sea of humanity. No wonder India is one of the most populated regions of the globe.
India is divided into states which have a language and culture of their own. Most of the Indian states are created on linguistic basis although Hindi and English are accepted to a greater extent all over India.

The followers of Hinduism constitute more than eighty percent of population followed by Islam and other religions like Sikhism and Christianity. Being the world's largest democracy it plays a major role in shaping the world's political dimensions as democracy is the most populist and ideal way of governance of a state.

Not only Taj Mahal India itself is a wonder that enthralls every tourist that makes a visit. The leading Indian tour operators have learned to sell destinations that offer insight into different aspects of Indian life. India offers fantastic wildlife to see and ancient historical monuments that are spread far and wide across the Nation.
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