Saturday, August 2, 2008

Destination Chhattisgarh

It was a long duration visit to Chhattisgarh in year 2001. The purpose was business travel as well as spend some days in the serene tropical greenery of the state.

The first stop was of course the capital of the state Raipur. This was once a small town comparatively. It is now experiencing brisk growth and development. It is fast becoming industrialized as more and more mineral wealth is being discovered. The city is the central hub of the state named as the state with thirty six forts (Hindi). In spite of being smaller than the Central Indian town of Jabalpur, Raipur boasts of a regular and uninterrupted air service which tells of the importance of this historical town of the tribal kings.

Contrary to popular belief this town is by no means a small place and offers all modern amenities as well. Among the visitors the three star hotels in Raipur are gaining popularity as number of visitors to the the capital increase year by year. Chhattisgarh offers scenic splendor unimaginable a quaint air of rustic environs and greenery hangs all around as you travel through the state.

No wonder is a densely forested state rich in natural resource and mineral wealth. Apart from economical opportunities and sightseeing this exotic state offers best wildlife safaris in India. With large number of sanctuaries like Barnawapara and some well known National Parks like Indravati this state is a paradise on Earth. Only when one sets foot unto this piece of Earth does one realize the magnificence of beauty and splendor that beholds a traveler's eye.

The fear of ultras (Naxal) is over hyped as they are not known to target tourists and business travelers. Yep though it is advised to stay away from areas with heightened ultra activity.
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