Saturday, March 13, 2010

Somnath Temple

Somnath - Veraval - Saurashtra - Gujarat 

The sea in the background adds to the charismatic grace and grandeur of the towering structure. No wonder since centuries the temple has been a cynosure of millions of eyes. The 9th century temple is Lord Shiva's domain and that what matters. The treasure troves Gold and Diamonds have now faded as myth. 

The Jyotirling at  Somanth is amongst the twelve most sacred lingas of Lord Shiva. Somanth has been plundered six times by intolerant  marauders and plunderers It was the strong resilience of the people and Hindu rulers that the structure was rebuilt again and again. 

Somanth literary means protector of the moon since Lord Shiva delivered the moon from a curse. The pious pray here on auspicious day on pilgrimage. The original temple destroyed by the iconoclastic  barbarians stands as adjacent ruins. The original Shivling has said to appear in a King's dream which was than unearthed and a temple stand over the underground idol.  

The architecture reflects the skills of Sompuras Gujarat's wonder masons. The temple was built in Chalukya Hindu Temple style after India's independence. The temple is of great significance for religious tours in India to the Hindus.

Not only the temple architecture, the ambiance is stunning as well which I discovered on my visit to the Lord Almighty's abode couple of years back. The deliverance if four fold and the spirituality awakens on the way to doors of Lord Shiva's abode here. 

Somanth temple is a must visit pilgrimage center at Veraval for all religious Hindus.   


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