Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indian Railway Travel

The biggest railway network is not necessarily the best. But whatever you feel about India trains, it does take you to your destination cheap. Indian rails are the cheapest transportation that anyone can find in the country.

The railway coverage in India is vast and hence offers the best reach any mode of transportation can offer.
The inter connectivity is amazing with more than eleven thousand trains plying all over the country. The system transports more than twenty million passengers and about two million tons of goods.

It is all about where you want to go or how you wish to go? If you are planning a holiday on the super luxury tourism trains than you need to shelve a lot of money. The holiday packages on luxury trains cost a lot.

If you are rich enough to travel by First AC or Second AC your journey would be in absolute privacy and comfort. Well as much as possible! Third AC delivers as well but there is a bit of a rush always. But it is okay since the climate control rarely fails.    

Second Class sleeper travel is hardly comfortable with what seems like whole India trying squeeze into your compartment. The comfort level depends upon the climate outside since there is no air conditioning. The only comfort that sleeper class offers is a berth to sit and sleep upon.

A big relief has been the online ticketing facility in recent years. One need not wait for a long time in sweaty queue for hours and hours. The Irctc website online conducts all the task of booking office. You can book or cancel your ticket in a jiffy, find information about seat availability or distance between stations. All railway information is at your finger tip.

The worst nightmare is availing a reserved berth if your ticket status is on waiting list. Those lazy enough not to book a journey ticket in advance are the one’s who visit the Indian Railway site the most.  They are constantly seeking pnr status online in order to find the position of their ticket on IRCTC site.

One can also seek status using sms or mobile messaging service. The sms pnr status check is quick and easy. Just type you pnr number on the ticket and send to 139 or whatever the number is. In few seconds you will get the status of your ticket as message.  

The online reservation offers much more information in a short time than a land based railway office does. Hence switch on your computer every time you wish to make a rail journey.  

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