Friday, July 15, 2011

Khajuraho Temples: Wonders in stone

In remote hidden region of Central India a discovery was made. The temples strangest of all had erotic carvings. The depiction of erotica was by all means blatant including deriving carnal pleasure with animals.

But nevertheless these were not any object of pornographic exhibits. With passage of time they were realized as precious heritage as a treatise on human sexuality. Perhaps the inspiration came from Kamasutra. Such carnal depictions though appear to be bizarre since they were in scripted on wall of holy structures had a purpose. They were the initiation grounds for growing princes and the children of the nobles.

The temples were built by the Chandels in circa 10 and 11 AD; stone has been extensively used along with other masonry apparatus. The inner walls of sanctum sanctorum remain empty of these depictions which are present on the outer walls only. Situated in desolate surroundings of unknown habitation the temples were hidden from the outside world for centuries. The complex was rediscovered by a British army officer Captain T.S. Burt during the Raj in 1838.

The present day Chhattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh the Central Indian State receives lots of visitors who descend in hordes to see these magnificent structures. The Khajuraho Temples are situated in this district and are barley forty five km from Panna National Park and Ken Gharial Sanctuary.

During the passage of time many structures came down as ruins due to neglect and apathy. There were presumed to be around eighty temples of which twenty five remain today. The temple complex has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site for the priceless structures and Indo-Aryan Architecture marvel.

The temple complex or groups as mainly:

Western Group of Temples

Eastern Group of Temples

Southern Group of Temples

Some of the popular temples are:

Lakhmana Temple

Chuasath Yogini Temple

Devi Jagdamba Temple

Hanuman Temple

Brahma Temple

Dulhadev Temple

For tourist it is advisable to visit all the groups in the day time. In Western group of temples a sound and light show is organized which is a must to experience. Khajuraho Dance festival is held annually whence major Indian performers and exponent of Indian classical music and dance participate.

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