Sunday, October 23, 2011

Travel Advisory - India

Time to time many countries publish travel advisory or warnings for India. This is in keeping with safety of their country men traveling in this country. But care should be taken so as not to create a panic or feeling of doom. The risk factors should be clearly defined and places mentioned. The wrong perception of Incredible India should not be forwarded.

Those who are unaware of this country  and its magical destinations are most susceptible to panic. Best advise is to consult your countrymen who have traveled to India often. They can clear your doubts and apprehensions.  

India is a very large country and at any given moment situation differs between its various states and holiday destinations. That untoward incidence happen sometimes, but then there are million or more or less people staying there carrying on with their daily lives. Hence though danger is there of political unrest, riots, terrorist acts, strikes etc this does not affect visitors much until unless they are very unfortunate. The incidence are very sporadic and rare at any given place.          

Most of the susceptible sightseeing destinations are well protected hence the risk is diluted. Travel risk in India - largely a very peaceful and tolerant country - perhaps equals that of any other country. Anyway it is wise to heed the warnings and avoid risk fraught places as mentioned. This should not certainly make people avoid the wonderful destinations in the country.     

Mischief mongers sometimes carry out senseless acts, and most of the victims are Indians carrying on their day to day life. The risk is higher in major towns especially in crowded localities and public places. Health hazard, political disturbances, riots, terrorism, strikes, disturbing weather changes are localized and the news services are quite prompt to alert you of any danger or discomfort. Always keep in touch with your consulate or embassy.       

Hence do not press the panic button. Think wisely and travel safe. But enjoy the colorful and diverse magnificence this country offers. Bon Voyage & Happy Holidays.

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