Monday, May 23, 2016

Gandhi - A Poem

The Mahatma a modern day prophet
An epitome of compassion extreme
A mercy petitioner for mankind and justice
An embodiment of tolerance and peace

A frail in loin cloth the naked fakir
Rusting specs and walking stick
Sole possession of an enigmatic messiah
A freedom fighter non violent he overcame the seize

An advocate of harmony and sanity beyond belief
He preached love for those who hate
A protector of down trodden in equality he believed
Savior of Harijans the people demeaned

An ascetic in quest of eternal truth
Renounced all pleasures but not the Karmic deeds
A life led simple to achieve greatest feats
Of exemplary conduct he was a Mahatma indeed

A saintly man with the spinning wheel
He spun magic to win freedom with zeal
The mighty throne brought to heel
The rulers and satraps humbled to reel

To pardon misdeeds and teach right
And make diminutive the mighty with false pride
On path of sainthood he was assassinated
Mahatma the global phenomena martyred 

Copyright Uday Patel

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