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 Traveling to Bandhavgarh

Situated in a remote corner of India Bandhavgarh is a paradise that is home to the Bengal Tiger. It is home to many enchanting creatures like the sloth bear, bison, Asia's largest deer the sambar, and spotted deer both are the tiger's main prey base. Other animals seen are the wild dog, barking deer, Nilgai, four-horned deer, chinkara, jackal, langur, rhesus macaque, and fox. Both domestic and overseas tourists arrive here in thousands to see the Bengal Tiger and other animals.

There are more than two hundred birds in the park some of which are palearctic migrants. Most of the avian species are forest dwellers and very few wetland species are found. Yet the tiger reserve and the National Park attracts thousands of birders every year.  

The reserve is home to ancient relics some of them in ruins these date 2000 years back. They were built by the tribal who ruled the fort at Bandhavgarh Hill. The hill is the tallest structure at 800 MSL it is home to zoomorphic idols of Lord Vishnu and Ram Janki Laxman Temple. There are more than 11 man-made reservoirs at the fort 
complex which is inhabited by wild animals. The tall grass, groves, and plains attract many wild animals in the safe sanctuary of the fort complex. Humans have long vacated the fort complex after the last rulers the Baghels shifted their capital to the nearby city of Rewa.

The most attractive feature of the park is Sesh Shaiyya which lies at the foothill of the fort. It comprises of shady grove and a fairy pool. A twenty feet long reclining Vishnu lies at the edge of the pool. The sacred idol is as old as the fort and was built by the tribal at that time. It is the most visited place by tourists on tiger safari in Tala Range. Sesh Shaiyya is also the breeding ground for the tigresses in the safe sanctuary of the dense forests nearby. Many times the lucky tourists get a glimpse of the majestic beast.

Tiger Safari        

Two tiger safaris are organised in the park one in the morning and another in the evening. The game rides are conducted on the open jeeps and canter. They have to be hired at the entrance of the respective zones. The park has three zones

  • Magadi
  • Khitoli
  • Tala

Safari is organized in each zone however each zone has a limited entry hence permits have to be booked in advance.

Bandhavgarh National Park Infrastructure

Bandhavgarh National Park has many wonderful sights to offer and thus a large number of tourists visit the park every year. The reserve also attracts filmmakers, wildlife photographers, naturalists, and holidaymakers. To cater to a large number of tourists there are many hotels and resorts built around the periphery of the park. These range from budget to luxury accommodations.    

The main habitation is the Tala Village with few budget hotels and shops. It is the main entry point to the park.

The Park 

The park lies in Umaria and Shahdol Districts of Madhya Pradesh. The access point is Jabalpur Airport in Madhya Pradesh a state of India. From the airport taxis are the best means of travel to the park at a distance of 175 km.

You can 
book a taxi from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh which has numerous operators. The ride is smooth and picturesque. You can also book an AC Taxi. Before embarking on a journey to Bandhavgarh make all the essential purchases at Jabalpur.


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