Thursday, October 11, 2007

Indian Road Travel

Driving on the Indian roads is the most challenging task during India tour. India has vast road network that stretches miles and miles across. From six lane expressways to two lane highways and main roads, roads in the interiors you ask for it and there is a road.

Roads made of bitumen or good ones made of cement and the usual cross country and jungle roads which are popularly know as metal roads...most primitive type of road in the country.

The roads are classified as good and bad roads and those which do not come in either category are referred to as "ok" roads. During preparation for a road trip the first travel tip that is considered is the road condition, weather and climate come much later perhaps after the details of roadside food joints, dhabas and tea stalls have been inquired about.

Well whatever the road may be it is assured for an enthusiastic traveler it is the way to an exciting unexplored destination of India for him. That is the fun of travel in India the real good roads lead to more or less homogenous globalized metro or capitals but the rough roads to lead exciting destinations like historical places, wildlife reserves and eco resorts.

And in extreme cases road or no road ...keep move ahead...India awaits you.
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