Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indian Adventure

Experience India from close to know India better. For those accustomed to sterilized physical comfort, India exists only as a sightseeing destination amazing at that sure. See Taj Mahal at Agra, visit the historical monuments of Delhi, see Kahjuraho temples and live like a Maharaja in Rajasthan.

For those who can bow down low to grass root level and bear the discomfort that creeps in at times India exists as incomprehensible diversity that survives. It is a trubid sea of ups and downs, tragicomedy and bundle of delights, hope and hopelessness.

A travel volunteer serving at grass root level experiences India at much closer distance then a traveler who travels in five star comfort and gets a bird eye view of the country. Volunteering enriches on with a perspective that is truly Indian...not adultrated with western norms and attitudes. It is in rural society of the less fortunate that India exhibits it true colors. Seek an Indian nonprofit organization or an Ngo and let your journey begin...serve and discover India.

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