Saturday, October 23, 2010

River by the Fort

Allahabad Fort 

The Fort at Sangam once an object of glory and pride stands neglected, but not in complete ruins. The occupants find shelter in the ancient monument - now an object of architectural and historical significance at best. A temple busy with worshipers executing their duty to God, Indian army, pigeons and parrots, bats, insects and more. 

Till this day the Fort at Sangam serves its purpose. A silent sentinel that stands witness to one of the most holy spectacle in the World.  The meeting of the country's holiest rivers takes place at Sangam - Ganga - Yamuna - Sarawati. The religious fair and biggest pilgrimage Kumbh Mela is held after every  4 years, Ardh Kumbh every 6 years,  Purna Kumbh every 12 years and Maha Kumbh Mela after 144 year in India is organized in Allahabad. The fort has a maligned existence that of imposition and conquest a futile exercise in superiority .

The fort is a testimony to barbaric conquest, a triumphant onslaught of a foreign ruler over the souls of a billion devotees.  In spite of periodic dominance of alien culture the essence remained preserved. The fort appears to be intact, nurtured perhaps by the confluence of the holiest.


The rivers in India are progenitor of humanity as they sustain life throughout the land. Worshiped as mother, Ganges resides in the heart of billions of devotees. For every devout Hindu, Ganges is mother of worship and an object of atonement - from sins of the past. Ganga Devotion initiated perhaps by the conservation ethos of Vedas, the river has selflessly sustained life and myriad civilizations in its fold throughout its existence. The overload of the burden is evident but the service continues.  

Mythology though secondary has elaborated and justified the spiritual and religious significance of Mother Ganges. The rituals though devoid of rationality for some are  pathway to  religious and spiritual quest for millions. The ritualistic exercise and meditation besides communion with God have a deep meaning - a methodology that adds value and justifies conservation of our environment as whole. Kumbh Mela the spectacle of Gods, heightens veneration - a womb that nourishes billions of souls - Ganges.         

Allahabad - (Prayag)

Allahabad itself, a spectacle of filth on roads and chaotic humanity,  is blessed by the confluence of the holiest rivers. A town of temples and modern architecture, it spirals uncontrollably over its sacred past and invading modernity. No wonder India's holiest destination is most coveted by devout Hindus. A much sought after travel that ironically excels as place of last rites - a final assimilation with earthly elements.    
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