Friday, January 28, 2011

Nainital Tour

As we climbed up the road to Pangot from Nainital township the landscape began to change. The snow all along the road made matter worse. But the driver of our bus handling the vehicle expertly and we were assured. The tourist from UK had never experienced all this. 

As you climb higher on the road to Pangot the sight of Himalayan Range is breathtaking. One can see a long stretch of the magnificent Himalayan Range if there are no clouds. breathtaking is what my guests described it as.

Pangot is about fourteen km from Nainital township and is visited most by birders. Birding is the major activity at this hamlet. It snows in Pangot albeit less frequently sometimes blocking the road to Nainital township. Major birding stops are Kilbury, Bagad, Vinayak, Gugghu Khan and the township itself. 

The place clean and unspoiled by ubiquitous plastic that you see everywhere in the district of Nainital. The plastic is littered everywhere in rivulets, roads and countryside. It is surprising that no removal system exists since Nainital is a prime tourist destination. Most of the visitors are young couples on honeymoon. The inbound tourists from foreign countries come here mostly for birding at Sat Tal and Pangot. 

The next destination is Corbett Tiger Reserve for tiger safaris and birding as well. Corbett is a well known destination.  As a tour escort of destination management company I enjoy visits to Nainital. Most of my tours are for bird watching and it is exciting to be at Sattal, Pangot and Corbett National Park.   
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