Sunday, May 1, 2011

Indian Summer Travel

India retains its charm through thick and thin. Be it chilly winter, burning hot summer, monsoon or spring come along and you will relish each and every flavor. The summers in India are definitely hot perhaps not so in the extreme Northern confines - Himalayan Region.

The heat churns on from Mid April by this time most of the deciduous trees, grasses, herbs and shrubs have shed their leaves.The landscape changes dramatically as summer advances and you can see through once impenetrable canopy easily. The Palas and Amaltas and many other flowering tree bloom to color the landscape. The scapes take on an enchanting ambiance of tree skeleton interspersed with evergreen shrubs and vast empty land with exposed top soil. It is all lifeless black and khaki, green, red and yellow.

The summers are usually dry and hence more tolerable than humidity. The sun is up strong by nine am and tortures you till about four pm. The heat then starts to reduce in preparation for the night. The scorching desert night are the coolest.  

It is best to avoid traveling in the afternoon when the heat peaks. Carry lot of water with you in order to avoid dehydration. Eat light, add local salads and pickles to your diet. These increase perspiration and offer valuable micro nutrients, the salts clear your systems of toxic substances. Drink a lot of fruit juice during travel and eat the fresh one's often. In summers avoid meat and food item hard to digest. Due to extreme heat digestive capacity decreases hence eating vegetables and fruits is wise. Eat lots of curd or its derivatives. Your immunity decrease in the heat hence avoid roadside food or water which may not be sterile. 

Plan out your travel schedule so that you reach there quickly and avoid unnecessary travel hassle.  Save yourself from dehydration hence drink lot of liquid. Keep medicine for loose motions and indigestion with you all the time. Eat light snacks sold in packets and consume mineral water from quality brands. Visit upscale restaurant which maintain a high degree of hygiene.

Where light clothes and sandals as shoes can be stuffy and uncomfortable in summers. Summer garments should be able to reflect light in order to stay cool. Wear sunglasses to avoid solar glare.

Book hotel rooms or lodges which have air coolers or air conditioning. Travel in air conditioned rail compartments and luxury A/C buses and taxi. 

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