Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shivpuri - Lesser Known Destination in MP

From the plains of Uttar Pradesh you drive on Jhansi Shivpuri  Highway  towards  the Summer Capital of rulers of Gwalior. The plains lead to a rugged countryside on which lies the Karera Bustard Sanctuary. The Great Indian Bustard is rarely seen in this dacoit infested area.       

You climb further uphill through Madhav National Park to reach  the township. The place is small but enchanting and unique mix of Rajasthani and MP culture. Shivpuri is named after Lord Shiva and important tourist centers are villages in vicinity that harbour anceint Hindu & Jain temples they are Terahi, Indari, Ranod, Sakarra and Mahua. Thes temples depict rock cut carvings on outer walls. Chamunda  Devi Temple is worth a visit. Some of the temples are over thousand years old and protected but many are in ruins beyond recognition. These places are not frequented by villagers and have overgrown vegetation encircling them. 

Madhav National Park is well known for its wildlife and once Mughals and Scindia's hunted in these pristine forest. The extant of the forest has decreased considerably and almost all remains in the protected area. The famous Chand Patha Lake harbors interesting migratory ducks and other bird species. George Castle stands erect amidst the forest, built for a king who never came. The palace has no historical significance. The elite past lives in numerous palaces and hunting lodges in the surroundings besides marble cenotaphs.       

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