Monday, December 29, 2014

A postcard from Nicke James

Foreign Nationals come to India hoping to experience the exotic and intrigue. Though the country does not fail them the system exasperates. 

My Guest Nicke & Paul at Courtyard House in Kanha 

On tiger safari the road at Kanha was closed for n number of days and we could not explore the park well for tigers. Nevertheless we could see the illusive sloth bear, bison and magnificent sambar stag.  

The journey ahead to Agra was washed down with 4 hours train delay at Jabalpur and it reached Agra nine hours late.  A good times followed at Jaipur and more to come at Goa. Flight to Goa was delayed but the lovely beaches will wash off the experience. 

Here are some images by Nicke James on her tour to India.

Dining at Courtyard House Kanha

Fort in Rajasthan

Goa Beaches

Hawa Mahal




Kanha National Park

Lake Palace



Palace at Rajasthan

PoolatCourtyardHouse Kanha

Taj Mahal

Hindu Temple

Goa Resort

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