Wednesday, June 17, 2015

India Ancient Delights - Through Lens of Amateur


Chhatris at Orchha


Orchha Fort

Fort Complex 

Ganesh Idol Khajuraho

Photographer at Jehangir Mahal Orchha

Kalinjar Fort

Kanlinjar Fort gate

Kalinjar Fort

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Khajuraho Dence Festival

Mural at Orchha Palace

Mural at Raja Mahal

Orchha Cenotaph

Fort View Orchha 

Orchha Garden

Rajah Mahal Corridor


Raneh Falls Ken River Chhattarpur

Maintaining a travel blog means just that Well I cannot afford to do that so often hence I publish images of my face book friends with their knowledge. 

Over a period of time I have realized that one need not be a professional photographer...for what you do with passionate zeal. It brings out the best in the images. The photographer Nandita Amin from Baroda I believe is an avid traveler and a foodie, both the passions go side by side as I realize from her face book activities.     

Here are some of her travel photos from Central India.  She has exquisitely portrayed images of  ancient monuments a memorable record of one among many of her exotic journeys.      

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