Friday, June 19, 2015

Tea Time India - Tea & Snacks

Tea and Snacks go hand in hand in India. You can describe them as fritters or pakoras but there are many more to relish.  Snacks are something which are part of life here, in between meals you can call them. They are had with tea, with drinks and cocktails or just any time any moment.   

India is a diverse country and probably all things are steeped deep in the diversity. So are the yummy snacks and min boggling variety of tea blends. From chai stall snacks of samosas, aloo bondas and pakoras the choice extends to sophisticated home finger foods to that churned by elite restaurant with some phoren recipes.

One of the snack that has Western origin is the sandwich and is being followed by burgers and what not. Cutlet is another popular snack especially available in Indian Coffee Houses and Tea Lounges. This delicacy is not known to the Westerners...before you get the notion.

Tea in India comes as thousands of blends some as masala chai or spiced tea. The variety of leaves available offer the common mind boggling flavors of the tea. Chai as it is called in the country is consumed not only in the morning and with high tea it is drunk whole day long. 
Photo Courtesy:   Wagh Bakri Tea Company
Tea & Snacks

Cardamom Chai

Darjeeling Green Tea
Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge


Some of the snacks can also be consumed as full meals. These Dahi Vada, Idli, Vada, Dosai which are part of a meal be it lunch or dinner. In some big towns people snack late in the night a habit which has disastrous effect on health.  

In the images below you will find chai and snacks appealing enough for you to head for the kitchen. 

Sev Usal



Dahi Vada
Photo Courtsey: Nandita Amin
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