Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Raipur Amazing Rise

Many years back I was on my first trip to the City of Raipur in the then erstwhile State of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. An important part of extensive land of the state of MP, Raipur nevertheless was neglected. Though culturally and economically rich the telescopic management was taking its toll. 

Too big to manage with rising insurgency, the extra dimension of the state was eventually bifurcated and a new State of Chhattisgarh was born. New State, New Government catapulted Raipur into state of unprecedented development in India.          
Amarkantak - Neeraj Vegad

Development surge has not taken place solely because of new capital was being established. Raipur and its surroundings are endowed with many productive features which came into picture as the city emerged from submergence and started to scale the growth map of India.    

There is one distinct characteristic of the State of Chhattisgarh and that is its charismatic beauty, Endowed with large tracts of forests, natural phenomenon and unique topography - a virtual greenery pervades all over.    

Dominated by tribal communities, the state is experiencing an economic resurgence thanks to abundant natural resources in form of minerals and ores. Raipur now the Capital City is experiencing the fastest growth followed by neighbouring Bilaspur. 

Development and economic growth has spurned the tourism industry as well. Wildlife tourism and sightseeing have emerged as segment leaders. Chhattisgarh comprises of Sal & mixed forests some of which have been brought under state protection and declared as National Park and wildlife sanctuaries.  
Hotel Celebration Raipur

Albeit at a nascent stage, tourism is growing by leaps and bound. Some of the destinations that could boost tourism are Guru Ghasidas NP, Sanjay Dubri TR, Kanger Valley NP, Indrawati TR, Achanakmar TR and Amarkantak Hill Resort              

The State abounds in places of tourist interest, apart from natural places, it is rich in cultural inheritance from ancient times. Chhatisgarh is one of  the least explored places in India. 

From the earlier impression of a sleepy town lost in the remote confines of a large state Raipur City was a big surprise whence I last visited it.  The dimensions of the capital city were burgeoning with fast development, businesses, offices, high end hotels, restaurants, eateries, malls, all indicating towards a rising business hub. In time to come Chhattisgarh will outpace   many other states of India.           

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