Monday, January 28, 2019

Planning A Tiger Safari at Ranthambhore

Wildlife Tour Planning Ranthambore!

Before you do get some facts right. The safaris are organised in Ranthambore with the sole aim of giving you a wildlife experience. Wildlife experience or interpretation is part of your holiday at the tiger reserve in Rajasthan in India. During most of the excursions tourists search for the tiger. This is the main focus of the holiday for most of the visitors except the birders who seek a more holistic experience. The birdlife is simply fantastic!

Little attention is paid by others towards the common animals in an ecosystem which has so much to offer. Hence when you visit the destination enjoy the sights and sounds of all the creatures and not only the big cats. During the game rounds you can see the leopard, sloth bear, Nilgai antelope, sambar and spotted deer, hyena, jackal, wild boar and the langur monkeys.  

The destination has number of ancient historical monuments some of which can be visited. The picturesque lakes create a magical splendour and offer thrilling sights of animals and the tigers that hunt there.    

The park organises two safaris one in the early morning and another around three in the afternoon. These have to be booked in advance. The park is divided into various tourism zones which have to be selected during the booking. Remember book the zones in the core area which offer the best sightings of the wild animals.

The permits are charged and photo identity is required to be mentioned whence booking. During the entry the photo identity has to be presented by each and everyone. The options you get is a visit on an open jeep or a canter. The former is more private but the latter is cheaper and the ride has to be shared with other tourists.  Anyway book in advance is my advise! The option for current booking is also available at the Gate if  entry is not fully booked. Do you wish to take a chance? 

For longer duration of stay a large number of high end, heritage, luxury and budget resorts are available. These are situated near Sawai Madhopur township out in the buffer area. You can book them online if you wish. Choose the one that offers modern amenities and good service. Read trip reports or reviews or seek reference from a friend who has already been there.

The entry is fixed as per the time set by the forest department. The exit is also fixed by the department. Jeeps are available for excursions in the park and some hotels provide naturalist services to enhance your experience. All this cost money so be prepared to spend. The rewards are worth the expense.

There is a limit for the entry vehicles in the core zones for excursion. There is a  full day safari at Ranthambhore option available online. In this format you enter early and exit late while you spend the whole day in the park. This is best suited for wildlife photography and filming. Book any tiger safari but do it in advance is my suggestion. In case of rush you will not be able to avail an entry in the core zone.    

Carry quality binoculars and some books on wildlife. Warm clothing in winters is essentials. And yes make purchase of all essentials at Jaipur before you depart for Sawai Madhopur. The park is closed during the monsoon from July to September.  

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