Thursday, October 23, 2008

Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho is synonymous with 9th to 11th century temples which are a treatise on Kamasutra. The temples have been carved out of igneous rocks and are an architectural marvel thanks to Chandela dynasty which built them. Khajuraho was the capital of Chandela Kingdom.

The temples center around sex and males, females and animals are intricately involved in sexual postures and acts in the temple wall carvings. Nobody has an exact idea of the concept behind the temples but it is thought to depict tantric mysticism. The temples escaped the marauding Muslim invaders from destruction as they where located in forested areas. They where discovered by British Explorer T.S. Burt during the British Raj.

The main temples a must visit on Khajuraho tours are as follows:

1) Kandariya Mahadeva

2) Chaunsat Yogini

3) Chitragupta Temple

4) Vishwanath Temple

5) Lakshamana Temple

6) Matangeshwara Temple

7) Parsavanatha Temple

8) Ghantai Temple

9) Adinatha Temple

10) Duladeo Temple:

11) Chaturbhuj Temple

In ancient times there where eighty five temples built but about twenty two now remain at Khajuraho. There are many package tours available for Khajuraho and nearby destinations. Panna National Park is close to Khajuraho about 45 km drive.
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