Sunday, December 7, 2008

Luxury Hotels at National Parks

Tiger Tourism is on rise day by and there is a greater rush during holidays and week end. The accommodation has to keep pace with rising number of tourists every day. A number of hotels, wildlife lodges and jungle resorts have been set up around the periphery of the park.

Some of the hotels in the tiger reserves are high priced like the Celebration Van Vilas at Kanha and Celebration at Bandhavgarh while the semi luxurious hotels are affordable. Courtyard House Kanha is in the same price range but nonetheless offers luxurious amenities.

Besides the above two there are many other wildlife resorts and camps that offer accommodation. The accommodation types range from cottage, tents to standard hotel rooms. Some of the star properties provide luxurious amenities and cater to upscale tourists from India and abroad.  

There are many budget hotels in Kanha which are at best comfortable. During vacations it is advised to book hotels in advance since the room rates skyrocket as the rush begins and at times all room at the National Parks are fully booked. I have on number of occasions seen FITs turning back due to lack of accommodation.

Some of the finest hotels in NPs established in recent times are as follows:

Celebration Van Vilas Kanha Hotel

Celebration Hotel at Bandhavgarh

The hotel websites have option of booking online, which is fast and comfortable.
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